Rising Competition Impacting Global Growth of Netflix

After the streaming video service trounce the International growth increasing the expectations in last quarter of 2019. Netflix Inc. has struggled through the last quarter to enter a new year that might be far tougher.

In the hard times, the company has acknowledged that the tough competition for other streaming companies have impacted the market in the United States and its growth missed Wall Street targets. Furthermore, the competition is expected to become more global as the Disney+ service launches across Europe in March.

Despite the tough competition from rivals including Apple Inc. and Walt Disney Co., Netflix is expecting to add 7 million subscribers globally in its first quarter, which is way below analysts’ average of up to 8.82 million, according to IBES data from Refinitiv.

The have company written that to investors that despite the launch of Apple TV+ and debut of Disney+, their viewing membership has grew globally and in the U.S. consistently in recent quarters.

Reed Hastings, Netflix Chief Executive Officer, has described the 8.76 million net subscriber growth in the fourth quarter’s is fuelled by royal drama “The Crown” and two Oscars nominated films.

Netflix has changing the way that people consume TV and film. They have also forced many tech companies to shift their business models. With the growing streamline video industry in the United States, there is rising competition in the market which have pushed Netflix to look overseas for growth.

Due to this the company has invested heavily on content in regional languages. From this quarter, the company will began releasing subscribers and revenue numbers on the bases of the region for the first time in its history. Asia-Pacific has become its fastest growing region by adding 1.75 million subscribers while Latin America is registered 2.04 million subscribers in the quarter.


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