China’s Mysterious Outbreak Spreads Further Killing Four People, Human Transmission Confirmed

China confirmed fourth death as a new mysterious pneumonia outbreak belonging from coronavirus family spread further. The Chinese authorities have also confirmed the virus can spread through human contact which infected 15 medical staff members treating the affected patients. Approaching Lunar New Year holiday concerns the spread of virus as millions of people will be travelling from the central city of Wuhan, China where the outbreak began in December.

The reports confirmed that the new virus has now spread to other cities with five cases in Beijing, fifteen cases in Guangdong and two cases in Shanghai. Few cases with similar symptoms have also been reported outside of China in Thailand, Korea, and Japan. Australia announced screening of passengers departing from the city of Wuhan to combat the fatal outbreak.

As the coronavirus crossed the Chinese boarders spreading to other countries, World Health Organisation has arranged for an emergency meeting on Wednesday to discuss the crisis and to possibly declaring international health emergency.

Airport authorities in Asia and the United States will also begin screening passengers departing from Wuhan. Geng Shuang, Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China will consider strengthening their global cooperation and will willingly work with international communities to combat the outbreak. He confirmed that he will also be attending the WHO meeting and will be sharing all the relevant details.

Simultaneously, extra measures have been taken by the Chinese authorities as the symptoms are similar to those of pneumonia and many other respiratory diseases.

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