Crestone Peak Resources Forms Partnership for Real-time Continuous Air Quality Monitoring

Crestone announced that it is the first operator that has implemented continuous monitoring of emissions for a substantial majority of its oil and gas production.

Crestone Peak Resources, a US producer of oil and natural gas in the Denver-Julesburg Basin, has announced a partnership that focuses on real-time well site air quality monitoring. According to its recent press release, the company is Colorado’s first oil and gas operator to commit to the implementation of continuous emissions monitoring during all phases of development. The partnership includes the Payne Institute for Public Policy at Colorado School of Mines and Project Canary, a US-based B-Corporation that provides solution for methane and VOC emissions monitoring for the oil and gas industry. At Crestone’s oil and natural gas production sites in Colorado, there will be large-scale test of real-time continuous air quality monitoring as part of the partnership.

“The energy industry is strategically significant to US energy security and the Colorado economy. We as a B-Corp are accountable to the double-bottom-line of profit and social good. Project Canary is excited about the partnership and thrilled to have been selected to participate in the proactive efforts of Crestone to strengthen the sustainability and transparency of the energy industry in Colorado,” said President and Co-founder of Project Canary, Chris Romer.

Project Canary will be the technology partner

“Crestone’s work with the Payne Institute and Project Canary is the latest in a series of advancements in air quality and emissions control practices and technology in the oil and gas industry of Colorado. The large-scale pilot program will be offering further proof-of-concept for the Project Canary monitoring technology, which our company believes is representing a significant step forward in the ability of our industry to ensure that we produce the energy we all use every day in a responsible, clean, and safe manner,” said Vice President, EHS and Regulatory at Crestone Peak Resources, David Stewart.

As the technology partner in the partnership, Project Canary will be providing real-time data and continuous air emissions monitoring devices. The partnership also involves exploring a role as an independent steward of collected emissions data. For this, Project Canary and Crestone are already working with the Payne Institute.

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